Immanuel Foundation
Together we can provide safe homes in vibrant communities for Montana’s seniors.

About the Immanuel Foundation

Immanuel Foundation is an expression of commitment to older adults in our community. Over half of the Immanuel Living Retreat residents are low income, Medicaid qualified.

Immanuel Foundation raises funds to support these seniors in need. Watch the Foundation’s latest video to learn why supporting our Seniors in Need is an important part of Immanuel Living’s ministry.


Begun in 1957 as the Lutheran Home, Immanuel was founded as a ministry of area Lutheran congregations. It embraces residents, staff, and partners from all faith backgrounds, while maintaining an active relationship with its founding denomination. Being rooted in a faith tradition means that Immanuel sees its work as ministry. It views all Montana seniors as equally deserving of safe, secure homes in vibrant communities.

The Foundation is cultivating a community of philanthropy and raising charitable support for Montana’s seniors and those who care for them.



The mission of the Immanuel Foundation is to cultivate and secure charitable gifts so that Immanuel Living can provide safe homes in vibrant communities for Montana’s seniors in need.


The vision of the Immanuel Foundation is that every senior living in Montana has a safe, secure home in an engaging and supportive community.

Core Values

  1. Compassion for those in need
  2. Respect for the inherent value of seniors
  3. Stewardship of talents, resources, charitable gifts, and donor relationships

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