Short-Term Nursing, Rehabilitative & Post-Acute Care for Seniors@2x

Short-term nursing, rehabilitative & post-acute care for seniors

Short-term inpatient rehabilitation for long-term contentment.

Mend body, restore vigor, renew hope … and return home.

After hospitalization for illness, injury or surgery, you’ll find the highest level of professional and technical short-term rehabilitation services delivered in a way you might not expect at The Retreat at Buffalo Hill. With a hospitality-focused philosophy of care, we’re the Kalispell, MT, short-term rehabilitation and post-acute care center that feels less like a clinic, and more like a resort.

Short Term Rehabilitation at the Retreat in Kalispell@2x

The Retreat: A getaway for short-term rehab and recovery.

Catering to your needs, our friendly staff lives to serve. You’ll be pampered during your stay in a private room and bathroom. Our staff will help you get back on your feet with one-on-one therapy sessions in the inpatient therapy gym.

The Retreat Amenities@2x

The Retreat offers:

  1. Exceptionally comfortable environment, with designer touches and featuring “The Glacier,” a Bret Bouda mural
  2. Private suites with Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs and European showers
  3. Dining room with varied menus throughout the day, serving when guests are hungry
  4. Snack venue for grab-and-go light meals
Rehab to Home@2x
Rehab to Home

Your success is ours.

Catch your breath after surgery or an accident. Get post-acute care and short-term rehabilitation that’s the next best thing to going straight home.

Immanuel Lutheran Communities’ Rehab to Home program. We’ll put you up in a private room at The Retreat and help you get back on your feet with first-rate professional care and old-fashioned kindness — the care and kindness Kalispell people have turned to for generations. We treat you right.

One-on-One Therapy

Personalized plans and individual therapy from specialists trained to work with the unique needs of older adults

Stroke Recovery@2x
My grandmother was in the Retreat for several months recovering from a Stroke. During her stay the staff were extremely compassionate and kind.

Discover quality post-acute care & short-term inpatient rehabilitation in Kalispell.

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