“Go, Find” presented by author, Susan Purvis

June 14, 2019 / News / Tracy Bridges

Somewhere between hunting for gold in Latin America as a geologist and marriage to a new husband, 33-year-old Susan Purvis loses her way.

Susan comes to believe that a puppy and working on ski patrol at the last great ski town in Crested Butte, Colorado will improve her life. When she learns about avalanches that bury people without warning, she challenges herself: “What if I teach a dog to save lives?” This quest propels her to train the best possible search dog, vowing to never leave anyone behind.


Susan Purvis is an explorer, educator and author of the bestselling outdoor adventure memoir, “Go Find”. Susan spent two decades training avalanche, search and cadaver dogs while perfecting her craft in wilderness survival, K9 dog training and Search and Rescue training. Go Find is a rare find if you are searching for avalanche books or survival books or anything between pet care and mountain climbing.


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