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January 21, 2022/KGEZ

Winter Career Opportunities at Immanuel Lutheran Communities

John Hendricks interviewed Michelle Kilwien and Jenna Marshall from Human Resources about the great employment opportunities at Immanuel Lutheran Communities.

January 13, 2022/KGEZ

Celebrating 65 Years of Service with CEO, Jason Cronk with CEO, Jason Cronk

Immanuel Lutheran Communities is Celebrating 65 Years in 2022! John Hendricks interviews Jason Cronk, CEO, about the history and the founding of Immanuel Lutheran Communities.

January 5, 2022/KGEZ

New Year’s Fitness

What’s your New Year’s resolution for 2022? John Hendricks interviewed Todd Roush, Fitness Coordinator at Buffalo Hill Terrace, about New Year’s fitness goals and how to maintain a healthy fitness routine.

December 31, 2021/KGEZ

Recreational Programs & Holiday Happenings

John Hendricks interviewed Angela DeSchazer, Recreational Coordinator at Buffalo Hill Terrace about the travel club trip to Spokane, recent holiday programs, New Year’s Eve plans and upcoming January happenings.

December 23, 2021/KGEZ

The Holiday Season & Christmas Message

John Hendricks interviewed Pastor Al Jensen, Director of Pastoral Care at Immanuel Lutheran Communities. Pastor Al discussed the holiday season and shared a Christmas message.

December 18, 2021/KGEZ

The Holiday Spirit of Giving

John Hendricks interviewed Heidi Hickethier, the Director of the Immanuel Foundation, about the Holiday Spirit of Giving.

December 16, 2021/KGEZ

News from Immanuel Lutheran Communities

John Hendricks interviewed Chief Operating Officer (COO), Carla Wilton, about the latest news from Immanuel Lutheran Communities.

December 8, 2021/KGEZ

An Update on Immanuel Lutheran Communities with CEO, Jason Cronk

What’s happening at Immanuel Lutheran Communities? John Hendricks interviewed Jason Cronk, CEO, about the happenings at Immanuel Lutheran Communities.

November 27, 2021/KGEZ

Navigating Diabetes During the Holidays

John Hendricks interviewed Immanuel Lutheran Communities’ Registered Dietician Kathryn Mock, MBA, RD, about managing diabetes. They discussed keeping a wellness focus over the holidays.

November 23, 2021/KGEZ

Dining Highlights & Holiday Happenings

John Hendricks interviewed Executive Chef Andrew Nelson about plans for celebrating the holidays at Immanuel Lutheran Communities. They also discussed gluten-free dining and special diets.

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