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January 11, 2023/KGEZ

News from Immanuel Lutheran Communities

John Hendricks interviewed Carla Wilton, COO, about the changes that will benefit older adults on campus and beyond. Listen here to hear a special announcement.

January 5, 2023/KGEZ

Fitness Options at Immanuel Lutheran Communities — with Todd Roush, Fitness Coordinator

Fitness Coordinator Todd Roush and Villas resident Starr talk with John Hendricks about the fitness options on campus. Todd oversees the fitness department at Immanuel Lutheran Communities and helps residents remain active and healthy through group exercise, one-on-one training, coaching and more. Listen to the full episode to learn more!

December 22, 2022/KGEZ

The Holiday Season & Christmas Message

John Hendricks interviewed Pastor Al Jensen, Director of Pastoral Care at Immanuel Lutheran Communities. Pastor Al discussed the holiday season and shared a Christmas message.

December 21, 2022/KGEZ

The Holiday Spirit of Giving

John Hendricks interviewed Heidi Hickethier, the Director of the Immanuel Foundation, about the Holiday Spirit of Giving.

December 14, 2022/KGEZ

Tips for Holiday Entertaining & Festivities at ILC

Chef Nelson & Resident Services Director Hannah Brown provide tips for holiday entertaining and share the fun festivities happening this holiday season at Immanuel Lutheran Communities.

December 4, 2022/KGEZ

Make the Holidays Meaningful, Not Stressful

Carla Wilton, Chief Operating Officer, Immanuel Lutheran Communities talks with John Hendricks on this week’s KGEZ interview. Does the busyness of the holidays cause you stress?  Consider the expectations you place upon yourself and reinvent your gatherings to include the things that make the holidays meaningful, not stressful.

December 1, 2022/KGEZ

An Update on Immanuel Lutheran Communities with President & CEO, Jason Cronk

John Hendricks interviewed Jason Cronk, President & CEO, about the happenings on campus.

November 16, 2022/KGEZ

Immanuel Foundation update with Heidi Hickethier

John Hendricks discusses with Heidi Hickethier updates on the Immanuel Foundation and supporting our senior community. Heidi talks about fundraising efforts that have made upgrades to the Immanuel Skilled Care Center possible and the upcoming Winter Gala.

November 9, 2022/KGEZ


John Hendricks interviewed Pastor Al Jensen, Director of Pastoral Care at Immanuel Lutheran Communities. Pastor Al visited with John about the power of gratitude.

October 25, 2022/KGEZ

Growing Roots Early Learning Center

John Hendricks interviewed the Director of Immanuel Lutheran Communities’ new Growing Roots
Early Learning Center, Leigh Ann Downie-Economy and Rebecca Timis from Human Resources about this exciting new employment benefit.

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