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September 15, 2021/KGEZ

National Healthcare Environmental Services Week

John Hendricks interviewed Housekeeper, Kim Palmerton, about National Healthcare Environmental Services Week and how Immanuel Lutheran Communities has supported Kim throughout her career.

September 10, 2021/KGEZ

An Update on Immanuel Lutheran Communities with CEO, Jason Cronk

What’s happening at Immanuel Lutheran Communities? John Hendricks interviewed Jason Cronk, CEO, about the happenings at Immanuel Lutheran Communities.

September 9, 2021/KGEZ

Immanuel Foundation Employee Scholarship Program

John Hendricks interviewed Heidi Hickethier, Immanuel Foundation Director, and Jonah Eisenschenk, CNA, about the Immanuel Foundation Employee Scholarship Program available to Immanuel Lutheran Communities’ employees.

August 25, 2021/KGEZ

Immanuel Lutheran Communities Offers Certified Nursing Aide (CNA)Training

John Hendricks interviewed Amanda Ritzer, RN, about the Certified Nursing Aide Training that Immanuel Lutheran Communities is offering.

August 20, 2021/KGEZ

Outpatient Therapy at The Retreat

John Hendricks interviewed Physical Therapist, DeAnn Latcham, about physical and occupational therapies offered with Outpatient Therapy at The Retreat. Learn more about the therapy services offered at Outpatient Therapy at The Retreat.

August 18, 2021/KGEZ

The Stand Tall Program

John John Hendricks interviewed Todd Roush, Fitness Coordinator, about the Stand Tall program that is offered at Buffalo Hill Terrace. Todd shared how the program provides exercises to improve balance and prevent falls as you age. To learn more about fitness as you age, visit the Amenities page at Immanuel Lutheran Communities website.

August 11, 2021/KGEZ

Memory Support Career Story

John Hendricks interviewed Shea Berquist, Lodge Recreation Coordinator, about her memory support career at Immanuel Lutheran Communities.

August 3, 2021/KGEZ

Summer Career Opportunities at Immanuel Lutheran Communities

John Hendricks interviewed Rebecca Timis, Human Resources Director, about the great employment opportunities at Immanuel Lutheran Communities.

July 20, 2021/KGEZ

Summer Courtyard Concert Series

John Hendricks interviewed Hannah Brown, Director of Resident Services, about the Summer Courtyard Concert Series. Hannah shared that the concerts are going to be a lot of fun this year, so come and enjoy them with us!

July 12, 2021/KGEZ

Legislative Update

John Hendricks interviewed Rose Hughes, Executive Director of Montana Health Care Association, about the Montana legislative priorities for seniors.

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