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November 27, 2019/KGEZ

Make the Most of Every Day

Making the most of every day in the life with someone with memory loss was the topic of a recent conversation between John Hendricks, Hannah Brown and Tammy Miciewicz on Immanuel Lutheran Communities’ weekly KGEZ program, “A Happy, Healthier You.”

November 20, 2019/KGEZ

Make the Holidays Meaningful, Not Stressful

Carla Wilton, Chief Operating Officer, Immanuel Lutheran Communities

Does the busyness of the holidays cause you stress?  Consider the expectations you place upon yourself and reinvent your gatherings to include the things that make the holidays meaningful, not stressful.

November 13, 2019/KGEZ

Annual Holiday Bazaar & Volunteer Opportunities

Kathy Buffington, Coordinator of Volunteers, Immanuel Lutheran Communities

Kathy shares some background on the annual holiday bazaar and an overview of current volunteer opportunities.

November 6, 2019/KGEZ

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

Donna Gerber, Physical Therapist of The Retreat at Buffalo Hill Terrace

Donna speaks about the many benefits of aquatic therapy for less pain during recovery.

October 30, 2019/KGEZ

Cooking Secrets for Boosting Health and Flavor

CJ Condon, Immanuel Lutheran Communities’ Food & Beverage Manager and Kyle Waterman, Spice World Merchants Operations Manager share their cooking secrets for boosting health and flavor with spices.

October 23, 2019/KGEZ

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Candy VanFrachen talked with John Hendricks about the benefits of massage therapy during a recent interview on Immanuel Lutheran Communities’ Wednesday program on KGEZ, “A Happy, Healthier You.”

October 16, 2019/KGEZ

Diabetic Foot Care

Affiliated podiatrist Dr. Stephen Latter with Kalispell’s Foot and Ankle Clinic addresses the topic of diabetic foot care in this segment.

October 9, 2019/KGEZ

Quarterly Update

Jason Cronk, CEO of Immanuel Lutheran Communities, provides a quarterly update on the new online CNA training program and future campus plans.

October 2, 2019/KGEZ

Winterizing Your Home

Get your DIY tips for winterizing your home right here. Click the link to hear Facilities Director Dave Jolly’s Interview with John Hendricks on KGEZ.

September 18, 2019/KGEZ

Basics of Medicare

Rebecca Kovarik of The Retreat at Buffalo Hill shares the basics of Medicare.

Did you Know? 

  •  7 in 10 baby boomers say they have a fair or poor understanding of Medicare.
  •  1 in 5 Medicare beneficiaries describes Medicare as confusing.
  •  Most can’t identify what Medicare Parts A, B, C and D cover.
  •  62% of those eligible have never shopped for Medicare coverage to fit their needs.
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