Montana Legislative Priorities for Seniors

January 23, 2019 / KGEZ / Jeff Felton

Rose Hughes, Executive Director, Montana Health Care Association (MHCA)

About MHCA

The Montana Health Care Association (MHCA) is an association that represents facilities and organizations across the state that offer long term care services.  Our membership includes skilled nursing facilities (nursing homes), assisted living facilities and in-home care agencies.  We are committed to providing advocacy, education and support to our members as they strive to provide high quality care to Montana’s frail elderly citizens.

About Rose Hughes

Rose Hughes of Helena is the executive director and lobbyist for the Montana Health Care Association, a position she has held since the early 1980’s.  During that entire time, she has advocated for long term care providers and the people they serve at the state and federal level including before our Montana legislature and various state agencies and boards.

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