The Twelve Apostles… Wood Carvings by Frank Tetrault

April 15, 2022 / Blog / Immanuel Lutheran Communities

Individualism is something that everyone craves. Being a part of a group is always significant but being known as an individual is exceptional. That was resident and welcome committee member Frank’s goal when he decided to start carving The Twelve Apostles. These twelve men were highlighted in The Last Supper, but Frank wanted to take the time to tell each individual man’s story through his woodcarvings.

As a new airline pilot, Frank had a lot of time on his hands waiting on-call and decided he needed to spend his newly found time on a hobby. This hobby turned out to be telling stories through the art of carving wood. Frank’s “religious art phase” was exemplified through these pieces, showcasing important aspects of each individual Apostle and who they each were as individuals.

Easter Sunday, Frank is displaying an additional piece to this collection – make sure to stop by the corridor outside the BHT Auditorium to take a look at Frank’s beautiful set.

(Image posted with Frank’s permission – Contact Tracy Bridge 406-407-7742 for permissions)

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