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KGEZ Radio February 12, 2020

Secrets to Marriage Longevity

Eugene and Delores Lee share their secrets to marriage longevity with John Hendricks.

KGEZ Radio February 5, 2020

Upcoming Musical Happenings at ILC

Alice Cabell from the Glacier Symphony and Hannah Brown announce upcoming musical happenings at Immanuel Lutheran Communities.

KGEZ Radio January 29, 2020

Happenings at ILC

Jason Cronk shares an update of happenings at Immanuel Lutheran Communities.

KGEZ Radio January 22, 2020

Goal Setting in the New Year

Carla Wilton inspires us to start the New Year with an effective way to approach goal setting used at Immanuel Lutheran Communities.

KGEZ Radio January 8, 2020

Keep Moving as You Age

Todd Roush inspires us to keep moving as we age.

Pastor Larry Stappler
KGEZ Radio December 18, 2019

Christmas Message of Hope

Pastor Larry Stappler’s Christmas message of hope.

KGEZ Radio December 11, 2019

The Spirit of Holiday Giving

Immanuel Foundation Director Heidi Hickethier is inspired by the spirit of holiday giving.

KGEZ Radio December 4, 2019

Tips for Holiday Entertaining & Festivities at ILC

Chef Nelson & Recreation Manager Hannah Brown provide tips for holiday entertaining and share the fun festivities happening this holiday season at Immanuel Lutheran Communities.

KGEZ Radio November 27, 2019

Make the Most of Every Day

Making the most of every day in the life with someone with memory loss was the topic of a recent conversation between John Hendricks, Hannah Brown and Tammy Miciewicz on Immanuel Lutheran Communities’ weekly KGEZ program, “A Happy, Healthier You.”

KGEZ Radio November 20, 2019

Make the Holidays Meaningful, Not Stressful

Carla Wilton, Chief Operating Officer, Immanuel Lutheran Communities

Does the busyness of the holidays cause you stress?  Consider the expectations you place upon yourself and reinvent your gatherings to include the things that make the holidays meaningful, not stressful.