The Wooden Nickel Earns Liquor License

December 4, 2020 / Blog / Immanuel Living

Immanuel Lutheran Communities applied for and received a new liquor license earlier this month. The new license was made possible in part from the residents at Buffalo Hill Terrace, along with a coalition of residents and retirement communities across Montana who lobbied the state legislature over the most recent two general sessions to create a new category for full service retirement communities. The license will allow Immanuel Lutheran to serve beer, wine and cocktails to its residents and bonafide guests in the Wooden Nickel Bistro and Lounge located in Buffalo Hill Terrace.
“This has been a multi-year effort to earn this special licensing and create the same opportunities for residents to socialize within the community,” said Carla Wilton, Chief Operating Officer of Immanuel Lutheran Communities.
Carla shared that residents were very passionately advocating for the same access to the lifestyle they may have enjoyed prior to moving to Buffalo Hill Terrace. “Over the past few years several residents travelled to the State legislature in Helena to share their perspective and advocate for Immanuel Lutheran Communities’ liquor licensing,” Carla said.
“We are so excited, because this has been a long process to establish the license and we are proud of the work that the community has accomplished to make this possible.” said Janet Gurr, a Villas resident who participated in the Helena advocacy. Janet shared that the community has a variety of activities to choose from and having a pub provides another way to socially engage. “As a community, we felt that we should have a pub or bar to enjoy in our community setting. It was wonderful to celebrate our advocacy efforts with the launch party at the Wooden Nickel,” said Janet.

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