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February 22, 2017 / Blog / ilcorp

Is a Retirement Community Right for You?

When older adults start thinking about changing their lifestyles, one of the greatest fears many face in regards to moving to a senior living community is the thought of losing their independence. They may think they’ll be bored, that they will never get to see their friends and families, or will be stuck in their home or apartment for days on end. Or, some seniors may think that because they’re still healthy and active, there’s really no need to consider a move at this stage in their lives.

However, seniors are increasingly recognizing the benefits and peace of mind a retirement community can provide. Downsizing from their current homes helps alleviate the stress related to maintaining property, like yard work, snow removal, and even light housekeeping tasks. Plus, there’s also the fact that costly repairs on a home, such as replacing a furnace or roof, can add up quickly.

What is Independent Living for Seniors?

Today’s independent living communities offer vibrant lifestyles on a campus-like setting in spacious apartments or beautiful villas that are just waiting for residents’ personal touches. Residents may come and go as they please, taking part in a variety of wellness activities, social events or lifelong learning opportunities that improve quality of life.

Additionally, residents in an independent living community generally receive priority access to continuum of care services, like assisted living, skilled nursing or memory care. This provides reassurance that should their healthcare needs change in the future, the level of care they have access to will increase appropriately.

The Top Benefits Senior Living Communities Offer to Residents

Studies show that seniors who live in a retirement community are actually more independent than those who age in place in their homes. Making the move to a senior living community while seniors are still active and healthy is a very smart decision that can help prolong an active and healthful life. This is partly due to the amazing services and amenities residents enjoy that focus on all dimensions of wellness.

Here are just a few reasons seniors choose to move to senior living communities:

To have a plan for the rest of their lives. There’s a reason why senior living communities, or continuing care retirement communities in particular, have adopted the new name “life plan communities.” After moving into an independent living home or apartment, seniors can take comfort knowing that they’ll be offered a continuum of care should their health needs increase. This means they are able to age in place, in the same community near their friends and spouses, even if they may need a higher level of care like skilled nursing services or memory support.

To enjoy worry-free living. Along with peace of mind for their future healthcare needs, residents in senior living communities also don’t need to burden themselves with chores like cutting the lawn, shoveling snow or clearing the gutters; all tasks that can become more difficult as seniors age. They have more time to spend on doing the things they are most passionate about.

To experience whole-person wellness. Today’s retirement communities focus on keeping residents healthy in all the dimensions of wellness; physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, spiritually and occupationally. The communities offer on-site wellness centers with fitness programs designed specifically for residents’ individual needs. Plus, because senior living communities recognize the importance of staying socially active, they provide an abundance of daily and weekly social events that not only stimulate residents’ minds, but also make it easy for them to continue to grow relationships with their peers.

For chef-prepared dining experiences. Nutrition is so important for seniors, who sometimes find that cooking for just one or two can become challenging. This often results in poor nutrition habits—or worse, skipping meals altogether. Today’s senior living communities offer delectable, healthy meals in a restaurant-style setting.

For higher levels of happiness, lower levels of stress. The amenities offered in senior living communities allow seniors the opportunity to pursue their interests, learn, grow and feel connected and comfortable in their retirement years. Without the worry of maintaining a home, plus assistance with housekeeping and even transportation, there’s no need to sweat the small stuff anymore. Plus, when families know their family members are safe, comfortable and receiving the right amount of care, they spend less time worrying about their loved ones’ futures and more time enjoying their time together.

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